Safety Scope

Your Safety is Priceless

The app has simple design, stealth mode, and helps you alert 5 contacts

Nothing is worse than feeling unsafe or being in an unsafe situation. However, you don't have to be caught unprepared. Instead, increase your safety with an emergency application like Safety Scope. Safety Scope is an app that is designed to provide easy, simple, and effective safety measures in an emergency situation.

What Does Safety Scope Do?

Safety Scope is an emergency video application that also offers emergency contacts and audio recording. If you get into a perilous situation of any kind, you can quickly and easily turn on Safety Scope to record both video and audio.

Another feature you'll love is the emergency contacts. You can quickly contact up to five trusted people and send them the recording you've taken. 911 emergency services is the default audio contact as well.

If you're worried about being seen recording, don't fret; Safety Scope comes with a stealth mode that hides the fact that you're recording anything. So you can capture audio and video evidence without endangering yourself whatsoever.

Why Trust Safety Scope?

In today's world, it seems like dangers and hazards lurk around every corner. If you ever feel unsafe or at risk, such as when you're jogging alone in the morning or walking home from the bus station after work, Safety Scope can help.

We've designed our app to be extremely user-friendly and simple so that you get the emergency help you need in as little time as possible. If you'd like to learn more about our emergency app, contact us today.

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Safety Scope

Emergency Application for Increased Safety

Safety Scope is an emergency video calling application that assists users to record whenever they are in contact with perilous situations. No matter if you need to capture audio or video of emergencies, this app will be a viable solution.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Nowadays, everything is unpredictable where anything can happen to anybody. Keeping this in mind, the Safety Scope team has developed the app with a simple, straightforward design so that you can easily alert your closed ones without much difficulty.

Safety Scope
Safety Scope

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Customer experience is of utmost priority for Safety Scope. Do you want to know more about this amazing app? Please reach out to share your comments, suggestions, or queries to help them enhance your experience.