Feel Safe Anywhere With Your Personal Security App

Safety is the most important thing in a person’s life. No matter where you go your journey should be safe and secure. We understand the importance of safety and hence we are here to help you. What if we tell you, you will get complete protection without any cops around you? Surprising right? Well, we are not lying. Many incidents put us in trouble and getting out of it is a big task. Technology is helping us in safeguarding our lives. You can now get complete protection with the help of a mobile app. Stay with us and know more about it.

In case of emergency

There many emergency incidents that require some action. Feeling safe in a new area is quite difficult. We are always worried about unsafe incidents taking place around us. We usually get afraid at such times but not anymore. You can now get help instantly that too with the help of your mobile phone. Yes, SafetyScope is an app that provides emergency callingand video recording features. Anytime you find something suspicious then just record the video and it will be shared with your 5 most trusted contact. This is a first-of-its-kind app. Keep reading and you will know how you can feel safe anywhere with your personal security app.

Hidden video recording

This is another great feature that will help you record the video of any incident. Once you record the incident it will be shared with your trusted contacts. Also, the default contact that is saved in the app will be 911. Once you start your video call it will be automatically connected to 911. Stealth mode is another feature that hides the video recording and no one around you will know about it. This is a great way for women to safely record any incident that is troublesome for them. Many people file a police complaint but due to lack of evidence cannot prove the crime. This app will help people in recording the evidence.

A safe way to travel around

We understand that many people need to travel a lot. Their prime concern is always safety. This app provides you safety as you can make an audio call to any of the contact during an emergency and a video call to the 5 trusted contact. 911 responds immediately and locates you with the help of GPS. You can also send a text message and inform people about your locations. This video recording app work dedicatedly to provide safety to all the users. If you are a vivid traveller then this is a must app for you.

Simple registration

We usually need a username and password along with other details. This app needs nothing else other than your mobile number and password. Once you register it will ask you to add 5 trusted contact numbers. These numbers will be directly contacted during an emergency. You can make an audio call to anyone if you are in trouble. The app is made to provide security to everyone. Easy registration helps in quick action. You just need to open the app and make a call.

Ending it safely

Life is a precious gift we have received. It is very important to protect it at any cost. We believe such mobile apps should be awarded for protecting people’s life. For the first time technology is used in such a way. Although make sure that all the contacts you have added using the app. As it video call will take place via the app.

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