Walking Alone Safety Tips To Use Today

How often do you find yourself walking alone? Think about all the times you’ve left the store to walk to your car. Or taking a stroll through the park. Jogging is another time we find ourselves out and about by ourselves. Most people don’t have personal security or a buddy with them 24/7. We wanted to explore some tips to keep in mind when out in the world by ourselves. You never know when a situation might lead to danger. Keeping these safety tips in mind and having an emergency plan in place when walking alone can help alleviate the stress of being alone, but also keep you safe. 

woman walking alone looking at her phone with headphones around her neck

1. Choose Your Surroundings Wisely. 

Walking alone in well-lit and populated areas is the best way to stay safe. Staying near traffic and other people walking around ensures that any danger will be deterred. Also, if any dangerous situations arise, you will have help nearby. Avoid taking shortcuts through allies or secluded trails. Often, these locations are not well lit or populated. Dumpsters, parked cars, and dimly lit corners are hiding spots where attackers can lurk. Avoid these areas when you’re walking alone to ensure optimal safety. If you do think you are being followed, do not head home or to your car. Instead, go to the nearest open store or restaurant and ask for help. 


2. Keep Your Phone Handy While Walking Alone. 

While you don’t want your head down looking at your phone while you are walking alone or driving alone, you do want your cell phone handy in case of an emergency. Download Safety Scope to track your location and send notifications to your trusted contacts. Send the live video to your trusted contacts as you walk to give them a play-by-play of your locations and in case anything happens. A call to 911 would be a click away with Safety Scope. Optimize your get-help plan with our app and keep yourself safe and secure.


3. Have Your Keys Ready While Walking Alone.

Whether you are walking alone to your car, or to your front door, fumbling for your keys can lead to being distracted. Avoid this vulnerability by having your keys ready and in hand before you step outside of your safe location. Make sure you are holding the proper key and you are ready to unlock your door as soon as you have reached your door. As soon as you are inside, lock the doors immediately. 


4. While Walking Alone, Don’t Wear Headphones.

Headphones can distract you from your surroundings. If you choose to wear headphones while walking alone or taking a jog by yourself, make sure you keep the volume down so you can have awareness of your surroundings. Any distractions you may have are an important consideration. Looking down at your phone, or disengaging from your environment can leave you vulnerable to an attacker. Another example of being distracted from your surroundings is loading up your hands and arms with shopping bags. Consider your vulnerabilities from all angles and make sure none of your senses are distracted.


5. Make Noise When You’re In Danger and Alone.

If you find yourself in a dangerous scenario or under attack while walking alone, make as much noise as possible. Scream and yell. Set off a key chain alarm. The intention of this behavior is to scare away from the attacker. If you need to fight off the attacker, continue to make as much noise as possible so someone nearby can help or call emergency services for you. Even if you aren’t sure you are in immediate danger, trust your gut and make noise anyway. Chances are if your gut is telling you something is wrong, you are likely in danger. Better to be safe than sorry. This is your life, protect it. 

If you found these safety tips helpful for walking alone, be sure to check out our Instagram post. We sum up these 5 tips in our post. Save the post for future reference. Make sure to follow for more blog updates for safety tips and ways to utilize the Safety Scope app. Safety Scope is a personal safety app that provides a get-help plan and optimizes the way you get help. Download the app today. Protect yourself from the dangers of everyday life and plan for the worst-case scenario. It’s your life, have a plan, and protect yourself. 




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