Hotel Safety Dos and Don’ts

Vacation is a time to focus on fun. Hotel safety is often the last thing on our minds when we’re looking forward to our stay. However, we can’t deny that due to hotels failing to maintain adequate security, there have been many negligent security claims over the years. It’s important to take safety into your own hands to protect yourself and ensure your vacation remains fun. These five hotel safety tips will help guide you through what to consider when thinking about hotel safety.

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Hotel Safety Tip 1: Do Conduct A Full Inspection

This is such a great way to ensure your room is optimal for hotel safety. Before you unpack, give your room a thorough inspection. Check the windows, sliding glass doors, entry doors, and connecting doors. Be sure that all points of entry have functioning locks, and are fully locked at all times. Pack rubber door stops with you and wedge them against the closed doors so even if the locks are tampered with, it will be very difficult to get in. Rubber door stops are small and light, perfect for easy travel. A former intelligence officer suggests requesting a room between the second and fourth floors, with the room farthest from the lobby. The ground floor is too easy to access, while the top floors are dangerous if there’s a fire or natural disaster. If your room isn’t up to safety standards, be sure to request a room switch with the front desk. Unless the hotel is full, they will happily accommodate your request. 


Hotel Safety Tip 2: Don’t Open The Door

One of the best tips for teens staying home alone is to NEVER open the door even when it may be someone you know. The same applies to adults staying in hotel rooms. Even if someone shows up to your hotel room door claiming to be with the hotel, do not open the door. The best way to confirm it is someone from the hotel, call down to the front desk. Another tip for hotel safety- don’t let the concierge take your bags. Bring your bags in yourself, and when checking in, keep your bags between you and the front desk. Avoiding any possible visitors, including staff to your room, creates a clear expectation that no one is to come to your room. So when someone shows up, you’re tipped off that something isn’t right. 

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Hotel Safety Tip 3: Don’t Leave Your Room Key Out

Treat your room key like a credit card. Would you leave your credit card out in the open for any passerby to see or steal? Your room key can be just as easily compromised. Many hotels have amenities like pools, spas and restaurants. Access to these amenities often require card key access as well. When accessing amenities, many people will set their cards down at the pool or when they get seated at their table. This makes it easy for the taking!


Hotel Safety Tip 4: Do Create False Presence 

So many of the safety tips offered for home protection are the same tips you can utilize for hotel safety. When we’re not at home, an old tried and true tip for protecting our homes is to pretend that someone is there. The same goes for your hotel room.  There are a few ways you can create a false presence when you’ve left the hotel room. Leave your TV on to create sound. Leave your do not disturb card hanging on the door. 

Hotel Safety Tip 5: Use the Safety Scope App

The Safety Scope App is a great way to protect yourself when staying at a hotel. Safety Scope is here to help you in case of an emergency, or to give you comfort when something doesn’t seem right. A great feature of this app is having 5 trusted contacts to share emergency information with. Be sure to update these contacts to better suit your needs during your hotel stay. Hotel safety is important, and supplementing these tips with our app will bring technology and a Get Help Plan into the equation in case anything goes wrong. 


Hotel Safety Tips: Final Thoughts 

There are so many great ways to protect yourself during your hotel stay. While these tips don’t guarantee an incident-free stay, they are sure to put your mind at ease knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect yourself and your family. Safety is of our utmost concern. Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding safety or some topics you would like us to cover. Check out our other blog posts for even more safety tips. 


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